“The Chickens Survived”

“My dad was down watching the river.  He said that when it came in, it wasn’t rising very fast, but then all at once, there came the trees and the logs and the dead cattle.  It just made a wall; it was just a dam moving slow.”    Kermit Froetschner

Our film premiere on October 26 will begin with a short introductory film about the Arkansas River flood waters raging through Offerle on its way to Kinsley in June, 1965.    This film was produced by Rachel Harmon of Sagebrush Video and is entitled, “The Chickens Survived” Community & Cooperation – Offerle and the Flood of 1965.  The script was inspired from a gathering last March of Offerle citizens who met to remember the flood.  Rachel had a particular interest in this project as her grandparents were Leander and Pauline Lightcap from south of Offerle.  Rachel has produced many full-length videos about Kansas history including two on the Trousdale area.  All of her videos are available at the library for check out.  ”The Chickens Survived” was also funded as a special project by the Turning Points: Stories of Change grant the Kinsley Library received from the Kansas Humanities Council.  More tomorrow about the KHC feature film.