Panel to answer questions

Following the Turning Points film premiere, there will be a panel discussion to try to answer everyone’s questions about FEMA regulations and Flood Insurance as they affect Kinsley today.  The panel will consist of: Steve Samuelson, National Flood Insurance Program Specialist; Jay Dill, current Kinsley City Manager; and Marsha Bagby, past Kinsley City Manager.  These people should be able to clear up any misconceptions and maybe even give us some ideas about projects which might help us move forward.

At the premiere, I plan on having a big display on the history of flooding in Kinsley. It will feature lots of pictures, quotes from the citizens that were interviewed for the film, newspaper images and other documents of interest.  So mark October 26, 2 p.m. on your calendar and get ready for popcorn and seeing your neighbors on the big screen.